Comfort Bras For Large Bust: How To Choose the Best Plus Size Cotton Bra

Normally, choosing a set of bras should always be about choices. But for many women with cup sizes in the plus-size categories, finding the right bra that offers the right support without sacrificing comfort can be a challenge. This is where a plus-size cotton bra comes in.

Nowadays, your choices are no longer limited to heavy, industrial-feeling bras when you go shopping for comfort bras for large busts.

Innovative lingerie brands like us at Julie May are finally releasing plus-size bras made from lightweight fabrics like cotton and lace to support large busts while still being super comfortable. If you’re longing to add some of these to your wardrobe (and you should!), this post will help guide your decisions.


The right fabric matters

For plus-size busts, the right fabric is important to strike a balance between comfort and support. Bras like the Debbie Lace Cotton & Silk Plunge Bra tick the boxes at the right places for most women in this category. Along with providing great wing support necessary for large busts, the bra’s lightweight fabric composition of cotton and lace helps ensure it does not sacrifice comfort for support.


Pay attention to the band

Do you know that about 60% of your bra’s support comes from the band? The other 40% is equally shared between the cups and the shoulder straps.

So, while we emphasize the importance of fabric materials like cotton, lace, and mesh when shopping for comfort bras for a large bust, you also need to consider the band too. This is because; while the fabric is largely responsible for comfort, the band will mostly determine how strong and supportive your plus-size cotton bra is.


Choose the right size and fit

According to consensus, bra sizes from 32D and above are referred to as plus sizes. While choosing your right size, be sure you’ll be getting the right fit.

  • The bra cups should fit smoothly around the bust. They shouldn’t be too big that they gape open or too tight that they dig into your breast tissues.
  • The bra straps should also not be too tight or too loose - they’re perfect when you can slip only two fingers under them.

The Sunbleached Floral Cotton & Silk Supportive Bra has a size guide on its product page to help women across different size classes find their right bra size. This is also true of all other Julie May comfort bras for large bust. If you’ll be choosing any of these plus-size cotton bras, endeavor to not measure too loosely around your body so you don’t end up with an ill-fitting bra.


Swap out your bras regularly

Bras don’t last forever.

Like every other textile product, they’ll wear out and stretch over time. It’s recommended to swap out your bras after six months of semiregular use. Julie May offers different kinds of plus-size cotton bras for women in the market for comfort bras for large bust. These include products like the;


All four of these Julie May bras are primarily made from cotton for maximum comfort.

They feature breathable, super soft, and nonallergenic inner silk linings for the delicate skin tissues of the breast. These bras come in diverse sizes for women of different sizes and cup shapes. Having at least three of these or similar products on a rotational basis is advisable to ensure durability and proper functionality.



Women with large busts now have more choices than ever when it comes to choosing a bra that meets all of their style needs. However, when it comes to comfort and support with any compromise, only a few other bras come close to an organic plus-size cotton bra.

The lightweight cotton fabric is super breathable and easy on the skin. And thanks to the continuous innovations in design, cotton bras can now be designed to offer enough strength to hold large busts in place. If you’re in the market for the best bras for your big boobs, you can never go wrong with a well-designed organic plus-size cotton bra.


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