Ethical Lingerie

At JulieMay, all products are handmade on our exclusive production site that conforms to ethical, fair trade and sustainable standards.

Ethical fashion production is essential to us at Juliemay. Being an ethical lingerie brand ourselves, we have impacts on an environmental and social level and will always be conscious of producing our lingerie as sustainable as possible.


Every piece is hand-made

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Organic Fabrics

We source Certified Organic Pima Cotton as the main fabric.

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No Harsh Chemicals

We only use eco-friendly detergents and softeners during the washing. No harmful dyes and bleach are being used. 

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Save Water

We use a small vat to minimise water usage during the dyeing process.

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Recyclable Paper Packing

The paper for our packaging is responsibly sourced and recyclable

ethically produced

Our production site is certified: 

ethical bra


Quality Management

Uphold statutory requirements and address supply chain management more effectively by following industry best-practice

sustainable lingerie


Water & Energy Efficiency

Follow strict regulations to reduce negative environmental impacts by using water and energy more efficiently during the manufacturing processes.

sustainable production


Workplace Health & Safety

Enhance workplace health and well-being by providing a safe workplace and paying our workers fair living wages. Production is conducted under safe, fair and legal working conditions.