About Juliemay

Our Ethos

Juliemay is a high-end lingerie brand which based on a brilliant concept of comfortability.

Our Mission is ‘To bring elegant designs with the use of top-quality natural materials to promote the most comfortable wearing experience to all women.’


We are the only brand that made lingerie with Pure Silk and Pima Cotton. We provide a specialized comfortable lingerie solution with a wider range of sizes (also custom-made sizes) and support functions. We make our bra sets with materials that are luxuriously soft, environmentally friendly, allergy-friendly and antibacterial.

In our brand we have three beliefs: 

- We believe that the basis of beauty is to get your body in the best comfort.
- We believe that comfort bras can be elegant and feminine.
- We believe that underwired bras can also be comfortable and supportive.

    With these beliefs in mind, we are dedicated to use the best natural materials in our elastic underwires and customization services to provide customers with the highest quality lingerie, so they can enjoy and love their beautiful bodies every day.

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