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Be Comfortable in your own second skin

The Guardian

Discover luxurious Organic Pima Cotton and silk underwear that’s allergy-friendly and ethically made. JulieMay Lingerie makes its bra sets from Certified Organic Pima Cotton and Pure Silk to bring the most comfortable wearing experience.

One of the main reasons some bras are not breathable is that the fabric is loose, creating thermal insulation. Organic Pima Cotton is tightly woven to eliminate that sweaty feeling. Pima Cotton is three times softer than ordinary cotton, which makes Juliemay collections luxuriously soft and long- lasting. 


Expert Review by Hypoallergenic Homes

In our JulieMay bra review, we’ve gone through JulieMay’s entire range of bras and assessed everything that could be a potential factor irritating women with sensitive skin.

A 5/5 rating is a tough one for us to hand out. A brand or product needs to impress us A LOT to receive it. We’ve seen many bra companies on the market that promote their products as hypoallergenic. But upon closer inspection, there are only a small number of allergy-friendly options in the entire range.That’s not the case with JulieMay. Every single one of their bras is constructed from a combination of silk and the finest, most luxurious cotton available, organic Pima cotton.Join us as we dig deep into JulieMay’s range of bras and their hypoallergenic status.

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Elegant, Sexy and still comfortable

The Evening Standard

JulieMay are making a difference in the lingerie fashion industry. Comfort and quality are the two elements at the core of Julie May underwear designs. By using the finest pure silk and certified organic Pima cotton, along with ethical manufacturing, the brand have been able to bring the best wearing experience to many women across the globe.

Certified organic Pima cotton, with its delicate and luxurious fibres, has properties that qualify it as the optimal lingerie material. This is where the bra sets get their superb comfort, durability, breathability, and hypoallergenic properties.

The product range includes supportive underwired, non-wired, back support, sports, non- wired bralette, and front fastening. The sizes range from UK size 8 to 18 and UK 32B to 42DD.

Allergy Friendly, Ethically Made

The Telegraph

All products made by JulieMay are designed by local UK designers and ethically manufactured. They are made by sustainable production, conforming to ethical, Fair Trade and sustainable standards. The Julie May team believe that comfort should not be limited to your clothes – you also have to be comfortable as you are, in your own skin. It is becoming clearer by the day that comfort is the new sexy!

Its cotton and silk collections are AllergyUK accredited as friendly for people with sensitive skins and allergic reactions to synthetic fibres. You do not have to worry about any type of skin irritation, even for sensitive skins. The inner and outer layers of the bra cups, as well as the crotch of the briefs, are made from 100% pure silk. With proper care, you can expect it to remain soft and smooth for a long time.

Featured in Sustainably-Chic

''Made from certified Organic Pima Cotton and 100% Pure Silk, this is one of the softest collections of eco-friendly bras available! In addition to their briefs, JulieMay carries a wide variety of bra styles: supportive underwired, back support/sport, front fastening, and bralette. Plus, their designs are made for sensitive skins and are certified Allergy Free UK.''

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Featured In Luxury Lifestyle Magazine  

"If there’s one thing that is almost guaranteed to leave any woman feeling like a million dollars, it’s a new set of beautiful, luxury lingerie."

Being featured as Luxury Lifestyles latest luxury and only sustainable lingerie brand has placed us along side some of the word most prestigious lingerie brands across the world.

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Feautrued in First Time Mums 

Breastfeeding is a brand-new sensation for first-time Mums, and it can be tough to know what is “normal” when it comes to pain and sensitivity changes. What can be a beautiful experience also comes with some additional physical effects that are important to be aware of.

Proud to feature in Menopause Life Logo.png__PID:29665e25-96de-4c3d-b49f-224e8f6ae5fd

Featured In The Menopause Life Magazine 

Menopause often brings about heightened skin sensitivity, making the quest for comfortable underwear even more essential.

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Featured In The Latte Lounge 

"You won't be able to change the natural tides of your body, but you can always look to alleviate any stress on it by taking care of yourself and choosing to take positive action.'"


Featured In Consciously In Style

"As someone with sensitive skin, I am pleased to see allergy-free intimate options. I generally stay away from any lacy bras because they are always itchy, but JulieMay has non-itchy ones......This bra is perfect for everyday wear because it's comfortable or for special occasions because it's pretty. "

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Featured In Hypoallergenic Homes 

''As we'' Juliemay Lingerie’s cotton and silk collections are AllergyUK accredited as friendly for people with sensitive skins and allergic reactions to synthetic bras. '' age and our bodies evolve, it is more important than ever that we wear the best “under-gear” to accentuate the positive and provide some enhancement where needed.Your undergarments may be your best wardrobe investment.''

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Featured In Your Stylish Ways 

''As we age and our bodies evolve, it is more important than ever that we wear the best “under-gear” to accentuate the positive and provide some enhancement where needed.Your undergarments may be your best wardrobe investment.''

Featured in The Green Edition

''Julie May produce good natural sports bras made from organic Pima cotton which is OC certified and incredibly soft. The organic  sports bras all incorporate a back cross over detail both improving posture and relieving back pain. The wide straps take the weight of the breasts off the shoulder. Furthermore, the delicate design is free from harmful toxic dyes and made using ethical manufacturing.''

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Featured In Fifty And Fab

'So what can we do to help ease these menopausal symptoms? Our quality of life is important and we should not suffer in silence...'


Featured In The Good Boutique 

"Sustainable underwear brands often prioritize fair labor practices. This means ensuring that workers are paid living wages, providing safe working conditions, and avoiding the use of child labor."


Featured In The Midst

"While any piece of lingerie around $80 may seem pricey, this pull-over gem is now my (washed) bra on repeat. It’s comfy like your favourite T-shirt, and pretty so you still feel sensual."

Featured in Live Frankly

''This brilliant brand specialises in making ultra-soft, super breathable, naturally hypoallergenic bras and briefs.They make their supportive and stylish lingerie from certified Organic Pima Cotton and silk.Juliemay stands out for their gentle touch. They don’t use synthetics, harsh chemicals, exposed elastics, latex or nickel. ''

Featured in eCothes

''JulieMay is a UK-based non-toxic underwear brand specializing in allergy friendly underwear created from the softest organic Pima cotton and silk.Julie Mays’s designs are sophisticated, sexy, and most importantly, comfortable, allowing you to wear them all day without irritation.''

Featured in The Filtery

''We love the selection Juliemay offers. Not only are these bras made with organic pima cotton and silk, but they’re super comfortable and great for hose with sensitive skin. If you’re looking for a bra that’s both comfortable but still has a feminine design to it, you should definitely check out Juliemay’s collection.''

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Featured In Menopause Goddess 

" Only partially tongue-in-cheek, I say I want a bra as comfy as the training bra I wore when I was thirteen. ''

Featured in Your Sustainable Guide

''As a person with sensitive skin, allergies are not new to me, so I always make sure to go for intimate wear that is breathable and gentle on my skin. And on the hunt for the most organic, hypoallergenic and ethically made innerwear, I stumbled upon JulieMay, which definitely raises the bar for lingeries.''


Featured In Baby Boomsters

''JulieMay lingerie is designed with moisture-wicking and cooling technology. It draws the moisture away from your skin so you won’t sweat buckets if you experience a hot flash.''


Featured in Featured In Menopausal Mother What

''So, if comfort is your thing (and it should be), these super soft certified organic bras should be part of your favorite underwear collection. They are highly breathable and feel just like a second skin on your body. ''

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Featured In Eco Cult 

''Our tester with severe eczema says it’s very comfortable, she has had no allergic reactions, and it’s “so pretty”. ''

bras for eczema

Featured in What

''If you google ‘allergy friendly bras’ the first company to come up (after all the paid adverts for bra companies) is Julie May Lingerie and they have been approved by Allergy UK. They are the only lingerie company to have this accreditation. Looking for that accreditation also means the company has been checked and approved as safe!''

eco-friendly organic cotton underwear

Featured in Conscious Fashion

''Designed for the ultimate comfort, JulieMay's luxe all-natural underwear is made from organic pima cotton + Mulberry silk. Their super-soft and silky hipsters are flattering, absorbent, and skin-friendly. The brand's organic underwear has even been accredited by AllergyUK for those with allergic reactions and sensitive skin.''


Featured in Sustainably Kind Living

''Julie May’s extensive range of allergy-free undies is here to add a touch of playful femininity to your top drawer. Their utterly comfy underwear collection is ethically designed with luxuriously soft organic Pima Cotton and 100% Pure Silk. Their organic panties are anti-bacterial, odor-resistant, and stunningly gorgeous.Some organic cotton undies are adorned with delicate embroidery motifs teamed with romantic floral prints ''


Featured in Good Maker Tales

''Luckily for allergy sufferers, there is now one underwear brand catering specifically to them. Fair trade and eco friendly brand Julie May Lingerie is the only brand certified by Allergy UK to be suitable for people with “allergic reactions to synthetic fibres and sensitive skins”.Allergy-free, anti-bacterial and odour-resistant, Julie May uses GOTS-accredited organic pima cotton and ethically sourced peace silk to hand-make its comfortable yet sexy lingerie pieces. Pima cotton has extra long luxurious fibres so is softer and smoother to the touch. Perfect for those sensitive intimate areas. ''


Featured in The Eco Hub

''Based in UK, Juliemay Lingerie is all about comfort, support, and softness, three things that are absolutley essential when it comes to eco-friendly undies. Make sure to check out their organic Pima cotton knickers! This fabric feels smooth against the skin, it's lightweight, allergy-friendly, anti-bacterial, and odor-resistant. For those looking for a little more coverage give the High Waisted Organic Cotton Full Briefs a look too! ''


Featured in Living Well After 50

'From the moment I put on the bras and briefs they felt so comfortable, yet I felt stylish and yes dare I say it just a little bit sexy! The product is excellent quality and design and certainly a good investment for underwear that fits well and is comfortable to wear.'


Featured in Imperfect Idealist

''I tried the Coral full brief and Georgia wireless bra. In general, the cotton used is extremely comfortable and sturdy. For the brief, the silk gusset is floating in the front to reduce possibility of irritation.  ''