Cotton High Waisted Knickers: 5 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Everyday Underwear

The quest for comfort and perfect fit has made cotton high-waisted knickers and panties the rave of the moment. But it doesn’t look like they’re going away anytime soon.
High-waisted knickers are your best option if you’re often worried about visible panty lines and more coverage. And even now, you can check out different brands offering different products online from the comfort of your room. To choose the perfect high-waisted cotton knickers for you, however, we’ve compiled the tips below to help you make the best buying decision.

Pay attention to your body type

Your body type should influence your choice of high-waisted knickers. So, you must go for one that will perfectly complement your body.
High-waisted knickers look best on women with curvy body shapes or hourglass figures. It also makes sense if you have a larger belly as these panties might help in carrying some of the weight concentrated on the stomach.

Understand that different brands often have different size standards

Most big chain stores carry different size quotients.
This is often a source of confusion for many consumers shopping online. What is “medium-size” with one brand might be classified as “large” with another brand. If you’ll be buying online, it makes sense to patronize only brands with size guides on their websites or product pages so you don’t end up with an ill-fitting cotton high-waisted knicker.

Pay attention to size and design

Julie May offers a collection of high-quality cotton high-waisted knickers made exclusively from organic Pima cotton and 100% pure silk. All of these products feature size guides on the product pages to help consumers choose the right size.
You don’t want to choose an underwear you’ll have to keep pulling all day to prevent it from slipping. You also don’t want one that is so tight it causes lumps and bulges under your dress. The best solution is always to leverage a detailed size guide like Julie May’s to be sure you’re choosing the right size. Also, look out for design cues like a firm elastic band to ensure your knicker is always held perfectly in place.

You don’t have to sacrifice style for quality

Your choice of cotton high-waisted knickers is unlimited. So, it doesn’t hurt to experiment with cute designs in high-quality undies.
That knicker combines organic Pima cotton with 100% pure silk to make a beautifully designed undie that’s as cute as it’s functional. The Valentina Knicker wicks moisture easily, is hypoallergenic, feels super soft and silky on the skin, and yet, sports a beautiful floral design.

Cotton fabric is the best!

Choosing the perfect underwear is a lot like choosing the perfect dress. And when it comes to high-waisted knickers, the cotton fabric is always the perfect option for most people.
Here at Julie May, we offer some of the best high-waisted cotton knickers you’ll find around. These knickers are made from super-soft organic Pima cotton and allergy-friendly 100% pure silk. They offer the kind of structure and support in your briefs that you most likely won’t find in low-rise undies. They are the creme of the crop, designed to offer you maximum comfort all-day.
You can browse through our collection of high-waisted organic cotton full briefs and knickers here - all made from certified organic Pima cotton and 100% pure silk!



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