Eco-friendly + Organic Cotton Bralette: A Brief Guide

The skin, being the body’s largest organ absorbs whatever it’s exposed to. This is why there are a thousand and one great reasons why eco-friendly and organic cotton bralettes should be substantially included in your underwear wardrobe.

Because bralettes will be covering some of the most delicate areas of your skin, the choice of eco-friendly and organic underwear is always going to be a great decision. But then, before you go bralette shopping, this brief guide contains tips and recommendations to help you make the best buying decision.


Understand the difference between organic and eco-friendly

You must know what you’re buying.

So, the first step is understanding what the labels actually mean.

 organic cotton bralette

Organic bralettes can be eco-friendly.

But not all eco-friendly bralettes are organic.

While organic bralettes are made from natural fibers cultivated without the use of harmful pesticides and chemicals, eco-friendly describes a cultivation process that helps to preserve natural resources with little to no harmful pollution to the environment.

Organic products are required to undergo a strict control and certification process before they can be designated as such.


organic cotton clothing


Here at Julie May, our bralettes are both eco-friendly and organic.

The Hope - Cotton & Silk Bralette, for instance, is made from organically-grown Pima cotton. It features a supersoft and allergy-free inner lining made from 100% pure silk. The same is also true of the Passion Red - Lace Cotton & Silk Bralette. Along with being made from natural and organically-grown fibers, these bralettes have also undergone an eco-friendly cultivation and manufacturing process.

 Organic Cotton bralette ethical bra

How to choose the right size when shopping for organic cotton bralettes

Now that we’re clear on what organic and eco-friendly bralettes are and why you need them, it’s still important to know how sizing works so you can find bralettes that fit you perfectly.


  • Determine your bust size

Use a tape to measure around the bust and across your body to determine your bust size. Ensure to keep the tape parallel and be sure to measure across the fullest part of the bust.

You should round off this measurement to the nearest whole number if it falls on a figure with .5 or greater. 


  • Determine your band size

The average band size ranges from 32 to 36 inches.

To measure yours, place a measuring tape on your back, allowing the tape to pass under your arms and right across your chest on the area above the bust.

The size should be rounded off to the next even number if you arrive at an odd number. A measurement of 33 can be recorded as 32, for instance. 

 bra size how to choose bralette size

Endeavor to buy bralettes that complement what you already own

It’s one thing to see a beautiful eco-friendly bralette that catches your fancy.

But whether or not you’ll be able to use it at all or whether it might end up lying waste in your wardrobe will depend on how well your current dresses complement your new bralette.

The best thing about bralettes aside from their superb cuteness and comfort is that you don’t have to hide them under your dresses.

From backless dresses to tube tops and most other dresses that won’t fit perfectly with conventional bras, you can get to rock your organic cotton bralettes whenever you feel like with dresses that will complement them without making your outfit/appearance look kinda busy. 

hope ethical organic cotton bralettered organic cotton bralette


Visit the Julie May store here to check out our collection of high-quality eco-friendly bralettes made from organically grown cotton and 100% pure silk. Your skin will thank you!



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