Feminine, Comfy, & Still Functional

 How JulieMay Is Making a Difference in the Lingerie Industry

Over the years, the underwear industry has been fixated on selling products that appear sexy without necessarily being comfortable or functional. All of that seems to be changing at the moment with more and more brands aiming to change that narrative.
One of such brands pioneering this revolution is  JulieMay. Today’s lingerie design involves more technology and innovation. It is becoming clearer by the day that comfort is the new sexy!
JulieMay Lingerie: A Brief Introduction
Comfort and functionality are the two elements at the core of Julie May underwear designs. The lingerie brand, unlike many others, prioritizes comfort and quality above all else. Talking of comfort, Julie May believes that this should not even be limited to your clothes; you also have to be comfortable as you are, in your own skin.
By using the finest silk and long cotton, along with the exclusive technology, the brand has been able to bring the best wearing experience to a lot of women across the globe. JulieMay no doubt ticks the box in all of the right places as we’ll see below.
Why JulieMay Lingerie Makes So Much Difference
While many other lingerie brands would design their products for a kind of voyeuristic appeal, JulieMay, on the other hand, places more importance on the woman who will be wearing it. An extra bit of attention is given to ensuring the right fit, shape, and balance. The end result is a product that is not only supportive but also exceptionally comfortable.

JulieMay Signature Silk Lingerie

Talk about elegance and beauty!
Silk, with its delicate and luxurious fibers, has properties that qualify it as the optimal lingerie material. These are some of the reasons why the Julie May cotton and silk bra is made from lightweight and breathable Pure Silk inner layers. As it turns out, this is where the silk lingerie got its superb comfort, durability, breathability, and hypoallergenic properties.
 pure silk bra
The silk lingerie will always feel soft on your skin. You also do not have to worry about any type of skin irritation, even for sensitive skins. The inner layers of the bra cups, along with the crotch of the briefs are made from 100% Pure Silk. With proper care, you can expect it to remain soft and smooth for an extended period of maximum enjoyment.

Finding the Balance Between Comfort & Functionality

If you’re wondering how the brand has been able to achieve exceptional comfort without compromise to functionality, here is your answer;
Everything starts at the conceptual stage. A lot of emphases is placed on functionality. Along with using materials of the highest quality, the manufacturing process also involves a lot of advanced and exclusive technology. With all of these in place, Julie May effortlessly produces the most luxurious, functional and yet comfortable lingerie.
Some of these technologies include the BendableWireTM technology, InfraredSlimTM, Ladder Type Pressure, TM and Long CottonTM. All of these go into the production of several top quality lingerie, highly functional shapewear, super comfy bras, and a fabulous postpartum lingerie collection for new moms.
 comfortable underwired cotton bra
It’s a whole new experience altogether. Being comfortable makes it easier to both appreciate and enjoy our beautiful bodies. This is exactly what Julie May has set out to achieve. You really don’t have to compromise. You too can also experience the difference!
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GOTS Certified Organic Pima Cotton as the main fabric. Comfort with Support.

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Accredited by AllergyUK to be friendly for people with allergic reactions to synthetic fibres and sensitive skins.

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