Mastectomy Bras: Everything You Should Know

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Because regular bras may fail to offer the kind of fit or breast support you’ll need after a mastectomy, many women have to go for specialized mastectomy bras after a breast reduction/removal surgery.

If this seems new to you, this guide will help you get the basic details about these mastectomy bras with pockets, why you might need them after breast surgery, and more about some tips to help you choose the best ones you need. 

What is the purpose of a mastectomy bra?

Breast surgery, whether lumpectomy (partial removal of breast tissues) or mastectomy (removal of whole breast tissue), will cause a change in your physical appearance. With this change comes new needs, as far as finding the right bras after breast surgery is concerned. 





After mastectomy, some people might use weighted breast prostheses to ensure fit and balance in the chest region. This helps avoid back pains and illnesses while offering balance, a sense of fullness, and much-needed support to the body. The breast prostheses (or bra inserts), however, need to be placed inside the specially-designed mastectomy bras with pockets. 

As far as purpose goes, a mastectomy bra will help provide coverage and support for your chest region if you’ve had one or both breasts removed. Along with the physical support that mastectomy bras provide, these could also help supercharge your confidence and help you feel more like yourself again.

What should a good mastectomy bra look like?

Mastectomy bras can be pretty flattering, but more importantly, they shouldn’t fail on the promise of comfort and support, which happens to be their major essence.

You should set your mind on certain features such as breathable fabric and soft seams when you’re in the market for mastectomy bras. Additionally, you should prioritize bras crafted out of cotton, silk, or both because of their soft texture, hypoallergenic and allergy-friendly properties. 



                Allergy Free certified Organic Pima Cotton Mastectomy Bra


Soft seams and full cup coverage are also some of the things you want to focus on. You’ll need to go for something you can wear or adjust easily. So, keep your eye on features such as front fastening and adjustable straps. 

You might want to completely avoid wired bras for the time being. 

Choose non-wired bras instead, to avoid the possibility of wires pressing against your incision points. It’s also important to avoid bras made from synthetic fabric especially if you have sensitive skin and are allergic to polyester, nylon, or any of the others. 


post surgery bra


Size: 32B-42DD
  • Cup / Crotch: 100% Pure Silk
  • Body Fabric: Silk-Cotton Blend (78% Organic Pima Cotton, 22% Silk)
    • Luxuriously crafted in breathable Pima Cotton and lined in silk, this sumptuously soft bra is designed to give an exquisite fit and incredible comfort.
    • Front fastening plastic buckles for sport, leisure and post-operative wear and also suitable for sleeping in.
    • Non-metallic buttons for easy on and off.
    • Non wired full cup bra shape for maximum wireless support
    • With Pockets
    • With Removable Cotton Paddings

    post surgery bramastectomy bra

    Choosing a breast cancer or mastectomy bra 

    Once you’re physically ready to use a mastectomy bra, the first thing you’ll want to do is get fitted professionally. An expert fitter will help fit you with bras that not only size you correctly but also help you feel more natural and confident.

    There are various options for people who need breast cancer bras or mastectomy bras with pockets. This new experience might mean trying out a variety of bra styles from lacier mastectomy bras that will make you feel more feminine to t-shirt bras you can wear under any kind of clothing. The emphasis should be on choosing something that fits you nicely and comfortably while holding the prostheses firmly in place. 



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    Mastectomy bras with pockets


    GOTS Certified Organic Pima Cotton as the main fabric. Comfort with Support.

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    Accredited by AllergyUK to be friendly for people with allergic reactions to synthetic fibres and sensitive skins.

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