Organic Cotton Bras Are All The Rage - Here’s The Major Reason They’re Good On You!

Organic cotton bras are more popular and in demand than ever. Have you ever wondered what the hype is all about? If you do, you definitely are not alone in this boat.

The media buzz around organic ‘everything’ this past year has been crazy. The truth, however, is that the organic in organic cotton bras are more than just a buzzword.


Organic cotton bras, much like organic cotton knickers are made from certified organic cotton. Organic cotton is a special breed of cotton cultivated via an environmentally-friendly process devoid of harmful pesticides and toxins.

While that is always the first starting point for why organic cotton bras, and organic fashion, generally, are worth all the hype, the other important benefit is because organic cotton bras are actually good on your breasts' delicate skin tissues. This other important benefit is the essence of this post.

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The comfort of organic cotton bras

What is the point of clothing if it makes you uncomfortable? No point, obviously.

For many women, finding the right bra has always been a tad challenging. It’s either the designs don’t make sense or the bras are made from non-skin-friendly stuff that could also be unnecessarily tough. With organic cotton bras, it’s an entirely different scenario.

With organic cotton bras, we have come to realize that fashion can be more than just looking good and stylish. You can actually dress for comfort and still be sexy AF! Organic cotton makes it possible for comfort and style to coexist easily. And, considering the fact that the skin areas around the breasts are some of the most delicate parts of the body, the comfort or discomfort around here can impact your general health and wellness.

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Why organic cotton bras and knickers are extremely comfortable

The high level of comfort women gets from investing in certified organic cotton bras as well as organic cotton knickers is down to three major reasons. These include;

  • The soft-touch feel of the cotton fabric against the skin
  • The hypoallergenic property of cotton that makes it suitable even for women with sensitive skin.
  • The breathability property of cotton which allows for proper airflow as well as the moisture-wicking nature of cotton that works against the retention of moisture and odors. These, combined, help make cotton a healthy fabric choice for the skin as it won’t aid the growth of bacteria.

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As it turns out, investing in some good pairs of organic cotton bras and organic cotton knickers is more or less an investment in your personal comfort, as a woman.

While it’s always great to shop with an eye for sustainable and environmentally-friendly products, it makes much more sense when such products actually add real value to your life as in the case of these certified organic cotton bras.


If you’ve already decided to make a conscious decision for much healthier clothing options, it probably can seem daunting if you don’t know where to start.

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But this shouldn't even be a problem.

Looking at brands like Julie May, however, is always a great starting point when you don’t know where to start. You can browse through a collection of different styles, sizes, and designs of organic cotton bras, knickers, and briefs guaranteed to keep your delicate skin comfortable, fresh, and healthy all day, year-round.


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