Rash On Bra Strap Line? Time For Allergy-Friendly Bras!


rash on bra straps


That hives rash on your bra strap line or that eczema rash that’s itching your skin so badly could be down to bad bras. Your skin could be reacting to irritants in your clothing, including your underwear. And this should be taken seriously. 

What’s causing hives around your bra line? How can allergy-friendly bras, among other things, help the skin in this delicate part of your body? We’ll shed some light on these and some other issues in today’s post.

Hives as an allergic skin reaction

Hives rash may show up as raised patches of red, itchy skin that often brings a burning or stinging sensation. This rash can show up on an area of the skin or spread over a large area. It can show up on different areas of the skin. 

Hives are manifestations of an allergic reaction to something that irritates your skin or body. These can include food products like eggs, shellfish, nuts, and chocolate, among others. Pollen, insect bites, as well as certain medications, can also trigger hives rash. And in most cases where you develop hives around your bra line, it’s often because of the elastic in your bra straps or the bra is too tight. 

Why your bra gives you a hives rash

People with latex allergy often have problems using bras with exposed elastics since their body does not react well to latex. If you have sensitive skin, using bras with latex or elastic would always put your skin at risk of itching, burning, and lesions. 

Along with bra straps that contain latex, other chemicals used during the manufacturing process can also induce an allergic reaction on your skin. You could also have a problem with some of the chemicals used in the detergents or fabric softeners you use on your bra. Other times, it could also be that your rash is due to too tight or ill-fitting bras. 


Treating and preventing hives rashes

While latex or elastic allergy might not have a cure, you can treat the symptoms when you develop a hives rash from a bra, on your back, or anywhere else, for that matter. You can visit a pharmacist for antihistamines to help suppress the symptoms. Epinephrines help with severe hives conditions. If the symptoms don’t improve after 2 days, consider seeing a doctor.

That said; how do you prevent a hives rash on a bra strap from happening in the first place? 

Here are two (2) things you can do.

  • If you have bras with elastic straps, consider stuffing a piece of cloth under the elastic to prevent the latex protein from causing an allergic reaction on your skin. 

  • OR

  • Ditch bras with elastics for better allergy-friendly bras that you can use whenever you want without any fear of skin irritations or allergies, even for highly sensitive skin. 

  • For most people, option 1 might appear weird, considering most people can’t fathom stuffing something else under their bra. As it appears, the other option of allergy-free bras seems the better and more reasonable option.

    Allergy-friendly bras for rash on bra strap line

    If you’re familiar with allergy-friendly bras, you’ll no doubt appreciate the beauty and comfort of this special kind of bra, especially if you want to avoid hives around bra lines. 


    rash on bra straps

    Non elastic bra straps that are made with Pima Cotton so it wont dig in, irritate or scratching your skin 


    Take the Julie May range of allergy-friendly bras, for instance. 

    The bras are made from organic Pima cotton and pure silk, two fabrics that have been proven to be highly hypoallergenic and antibacterial. They are very soft and breathable and can be safely used on even the most sensitive of skin types. These fabrics, and in turn, the bras, easily absorb moisture to keep the body cool. And they also don’t contain exposed elastic that can irritate your skin. 



    Rash on bra strap line


    Bra straps are wrapped with Pima Cotton so it wont dig in, irritate or scratching your skin 


    Lots of things to love about allergy-friendly bras!

    But Julie May takes things even further. 

    Many of the bras are made from a combo of organic Pima cotton and an inner layer of pure silk. This makes them super soft against the delicate skin tissues of the breast. 

    Some Julie May bras also do away with metals and underwires. 

    allergy friendly bra straps


    Aside from the fact that some people might also be allergic to metals like nickel and cobalt, having no underwires makes a world of difference when you’re dealing with bumps and rashes as well as bra line eczema, among others. With bras like this, it’s much easier to keep rashes on bra strap line, prickly heat, eczema rash, and other skin irritations under control or completely away from your body. 






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