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The Lingerie Line Approved By Menopause Experts

We’ve got great news, Menopause Experts have officially approved our menopause-friendly lingerie and nightwear lines!We’ve always prioritised our products being allergy-friendly, organic and ethical, and we’re thrilled that the team at MEG have given us their stamp of approval for menopause suitability.

Why Are Menopause Products Important?

Menopause can mark a significant change in a woman’s life. Both physically, and emotionally it can be an adjustment. Hot flashes, night sweats and a change in body shape can all require clothing and lifestyle changes for comfort.

Lingerie and nightwear designed with menopause in mind can be important for comfort and confidence. Breathable and flexible fabrics are key to finding a good fit.

As a brand dedicated to celebrating diverse beauty, we’re proud advocates for menopause awareness, sponsoring Pause Live! in 2023 and providing underwear to models (and hosts) for the inspiring body positivity talk. We believe that underwear should make you not just look but feel great even when menopause might be making that difficult.

Menopause Experts

Let’s take a look at MEG and all of the great work they’re doing to empower and educate both individuals and businesses on the topic of menopause. Menopause Expert Group (MEG) is a mission-led and passionate social enterprise dedicated to providing support and resources for those navigating any stage of menopause from perimenopause to post-menopause. They offer access to resources, recipes and newsletters to help those impacted by menopause or those who want to further educate themselves on the topic.

What Does Menopause Expert Group Do?

Since its inception in 2020, MEG has attracted thousands of participants and enlisted dedicated Champions across 20+ countries.

Led by founder and former Advanced Psychotherapist Dee Murray, MEG set out to build a community of experts to carefully craft educational programs tailored for individuals, entrepreneurs, sole traders, and organisations.

“Licensed Champion” status is achievable for businesses leading the way on menopause-related best practice. Health practitioners, fitness experts, hairdressers and many other businesses can earn accreditation to evidence their knowledge and dedication to supporting those experiencing menopause.

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The Expert Stamp Of Approval

What does it mean to get the Menopause Expert seal of approval?

Dee, CEO of Menopause Experts Group, has personally experienced the comfort and durability of JulieMay products and she quickly decided that she wanted MEG to endorse them as “Menopause Approved.” “You can tell that JulieMay Lingerie not only meets the highest standards of comfort and support but also goes the extra mile to be allergy-friendly, sustainable, and ethical.”

Read more about how we got the Menopause Experts stamp of approval.

Menopause-Friendly Lingerie

What exactly are these products that the experts are backing?

Hot flashes are an extremely common effect of menopause with almost 80% of women experiencing either flashes or night sweats. This is why cooling, menopause-friendly lingerie and nightwear is so important.

Tight-fitting underwear can exacerbate these symptoms by trapping heat. Opting for loose-fitting alternatives can alleviate discomfort and promote better airflow around the body.

A great example is the 100% Pure Silk Camisole Top from JulieMay Lingerie. Designed with a loose fit, this camisole is ideal for minimising the impact of hot flashes and night sweats during menopause. Its luxurious silk fabric not only feels lovely against the skin but also helps to regulate body temperature.

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How To Support Menopause Experts

If menopause is a topic that you’re interested in learning more about, or you’d like to access their resources, visit the Menopause Expert Group website and sign up for a membership.

 See how JulieMay lingerie was given “Menopause Approved” status and discover other comfort and confidence-enhancing products and resources.