What Is The Most Comfortable Bra For A Large Bust

Who says you can’t get both comfort and support in a plus-size bra?

Bras do not have to be a necessary evil, especially with brands like Julie May now offering allergy-friendly plus-size cotton bras that tick the boxes at all of the right places.

If you’re in the market for the most comfortable bra for large bust, this post highlights three (3) key reasons why plus-size bras made from organic cotton are the best for women with big boobs in terms of comfort.

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Cotton bras help your skin breathe

Unlike hard, industrial-feeling bras, plus-size bras made from organic cotton like the Debbie Lace Cotton & Silk Plunge Bra, for instance, are easy on the skin.

While other bras might trap heat in and leave your boobs warm and sweaty, plus-size bras made from cotton fabric helps you stay fresher for much longer. Thanks to the superb breathability and the silk-cotton combo, bras like the Debbie Lace Cotton & Silk Plunge bra from Julie May can also help reduce the growth of odor-causing bacteria that mostly results from sweat. And you understand just how sweat can be an issue for heavily endowed women.


Helps keep your breasts healthy

Cotton is an extremely soft fabric known for its absorbent properties. This makes it one of the best choices when you’re in the market for the most comfortable bra for large bust.

By combining cotton with allergy-free pure silk, brands like Julie May have managed to produce plus-size bras that are gentle on the breasts’ delicate skin tissues. This results in plus-size bras that not only fit around your cups nicely but also do not make your boobs feel sore and achy after a long day. These bras help hold your boobs in the right places, significantly reducing the possibility of breast pain and discomfort.

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Plus-size cotton bras are available in diverse size options

With size being one of the most common issues for women with plus-size boobs it’s easy to understand why many women have given up on highly comfortable bras when it comes to choosing bras for large busts.

When it comes to size, there are two main problems.

  • First, there’s no standard sizing system in the fashion industry so one brand’s “C” cup can be quite different from another brand’s “C” cup.
  • And despite the unavailability of a standard sizing system, most big chain stores also fail to incorporate size guides into their shopping process.


This is where brands like Julie May make all the difference!

Whether it is the Sunbleached Floral Cotton & Silk Supportive Bra, the Morpho - Bendable Wire Cotton & Silk Bra, or the Valentina- Silk & Organic Cotton Underwired Full Cup Support Bra, Julie May’s plus-size cotton bras are available in diverse size options.

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The Julie May class of plus-size cotton bras also have detailed size guides on their product pages to help ensure you end up with the perfect size for your pairs. The perfect combo of super-soft cotton and non-allergic fabric materials coupled with the right sizing and design make these some of the most comfortable bras for a large bust.



It’s easier to find the right pair of bras for you when you know where to look.

With your comfort and breast health at stake here, it’s easy to understand why plus-size cotton bras make so much difference as the most comfortable bras for women with large busts.

Brands like Julie May continue to change the narrative making underwear from certified organic Pima cotton. Now, you can always find an ethically-made, allergy-friendly plus-size cotton bra, perfectly fitting for your delicate pairs, giving you the best of both comfort and support, no matter the size.


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