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Allergy-Friendly Bra - How To Not Be Allergic To Your Underwear

allergy friendly bra sets with Organic Cotton

Could you be allergic to your favorite pants and bras? Could those briefs be the reason why you’re often having that rash and irritation around your private areas? Possibly! Some of us have allergies to some of these things. It could be the fabric, as is the case with latex allergy and elastic allergy where certain natural substances in rubber can induce skin irritations upon exposure to clothing products with latex. Sometimes, it might not be the fabric itself. It could be the chemicals and toxins used as dyes and preservatives during the manufacturing process. Whatever might be the reason, the last place you want any irritation on are the private areas of your body. How can you prevent this? We discuss everything you need to know in this post.

Avoid allergy-inducing products

Certain fabric products that could induce allergies in some people. These include clothing and underwear products made from polyester, latex, nylon, etc. Undies with elastic bands and components with metals like nickel, and the likes can also induce allergic reactions. If your underwear contains any of these products that you may be allergic to, the best thing you can do is maintain a policy of strict avoidance.

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Invest in allergy-friendly organic replacements

How about what you would wear when you’ve finally decided not to wear all of those bras, briefs, and knickers that could trigger your allergies? Don’t fret, you can always find an allergy-friendly organic cotton bra that meets your need for comfort and style.

The comfort bras from Julie May are the perfect examples of such organic allergy-friendly underwear products.

 ● First, they feature a double layer of organic Pima cotton - a fabric that’s arguably the most allergy-friendly fabric on the planet.

 ● The inner part is also made from 100% pure silk that’s also non-allergenic while still being super soft and breathable.

 ● And as it is with all of our other products, you don’t get to see any exposed bands that can induce elastic allergy. With products like this, you’ll never have a bad day with your undies anymore.

allergy free bra made with organic cotton

✖ No synthetic ✓ Nickels-free ✓ Latex-free ✓ Elastic allergy friendly

Wash new clothing before first use

Allergy-friendly underwear products made from organic fabric do not use any of the harmful chemicals and toxins commonly used in the cultivation and manufacturing of non-organic textile products. From fertilizers to dyes, preservatives, and more, many of the chemicals used in textile manufacturing are known to have the possibility of inducing allergic reactions upon contact with the skin.

 One common example is the formaldehyde preservative used to keep clothing products wrinkle-free. If you would be buying any non-organic clothing product for whatever reason, you can at least make sure to wash it before the first wear so you can rid it of as many of these toxins as you can. This can help greatly if you’re susceptible to polyester allergy and nylon allergy, among others.

Organic Pima Cotton Allergy Friendly Bra Sets

Use allergy-friendly soaps and detergents

While we recommend washing new underwear and other clothing products before the first use, the kind of soap used can also play a vital role, as well as allergens. Certain substances in detergents, such as surfactants, can easily induce allergic reactions in people, especially if such products are not of good quality. For your laundry needs, you might want to consider using only specially-formulated allergy-friendly soaps and detergents so you don’t find a new problem while trying to solve an old one.

Allergy free product
organic cotton certified organic cotton


Anyone who has suffered from any kind of clothing allergy be it latex allergy, polyester allergy, nickel allergy, and any of the other common ones will understand how uncomfortable this can get. While you might not be able to change your body’s biology, you can at least try to prevent your body from being exposed to these triggers. There’s no better place to start this change than with the underwear products that cover your body’s most sensitive and delicate areas. Along with avoiding products and actions that could trigger these allergies, you’ll be better off adding more allergy-friendly organic cotton bras, briefs, knickers, and other underwear products to your wardrobe.

organic cotton certified organic cotton

High Waisted Organic Cotton Full Brief

Our High Waisted Organic Cotton Full Briefs and knickers for classic underwear with maximum coverage. They are Allergy Free UK accredited as friendly for people with sensitive skins. Allergy-free cotton full brief knickers for everyday comfort and smooth-VPLs safely wrapped in Pure Silk fabric for a discreet finish and delicate details. 

 •  Certified Organic Cotton     • Allergy-Free     No Synthetic    • Elastic allergy-friendly

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